Rescue your loving anime waifu/husbando with this replica of the Elucidator from Sword Art Online

High-grade toy manufacturing company GoodSmile has created what might be the most sophisticated and complex replica ever of the Elucidator from the hit anime Sword Art Online (SAO) – now if that doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will. My bad sense of humour aside, it costs over $1,000 (R14,938), without tax.

The over-the-top replica has everything any SAO superfan could ever ask for, including a rechargeable battery pack, a gyroscope that tracks your movements, and over 700 LED lights. Thanks to the gyroscope, any cosplayer can replicate Kirito’s deadliest moves, including his famous Starburst Stream (which, by the way, is activated by voice command). As a bonus, it also connects to your smartphone through a special application – this allows the owner to switch between different modes. It even comes with its own theme music for crying out loud.

Preorders for the Elucidator can be placed on the company’s main website, but it’s only available for the US, Japan, China, and Taiwan – at least for now. Hopefully, it will become available on other platforms for other regions soon. On another perhaps funnier note, according to GoodSmile, you have to be 15 and over to wield its awesome power (you don’t need a license).

Via Kotaku.

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