Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is coming out in early 2020

During the Microsoft E3 press conference, Dragon Ball fans finally got a reveal trailer of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm studio CyberConnect2’s Dragon Ball Z Kakarot (formerly Project Z).

The game was announced earlier this year with a brief trailer which got fans excited, and then absolute silence followed thereafter. Fans have been wanting an RPG open world style game for a while now, and this just might be the key to answering their wishes – and they didn’t even need the Dragon Balls to get it done.

The new reveal trailer shows areas and events that are mainly tied to the first seasons of the Dragon Ball Z show, and features Vegeta and Nappa destroying part of a city (basically doing what they do best), an exploding Krillin (basically doing what he does best), endless war cries, and an epic battle between Super Saiyan Goku and the alien overlord Frieza.

As a fan of the franchise, I  can’t wait until this comes out. Early 2020 somewhat vague, but it’s safe to assume we’ll get our hands on it sometime between January and March at the latest.

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