Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter

Fallout 76 gets back to its RPG roots and also battle royale

One of the many complaints about Fallout 76, when it first launched, was the feeling of emptiness, despite all your fellow humans. It seems that Bethesda really heard the people on that one. Announced at their E3 2019 press conference, soon players will have access to the Nuclear Winter battle royale mode and an expansion called The Wastelanders.

Nuclear Winter sees 52 vault dwellers battling it out to become Overseer as a ring of fiery death draws ever inwards. Who cares about qualifications when you’ve got nukes?

Fun as that looks (not even being sarcastic, it does look fun), The Wastelanders expansion has me way more excited. It adds a whole bunch of NPCs who have returned to Appalachia in the hope of reclaiming it, with your help. It’s the dialogue options and consequences for your actions you’ve been yearning for. From the trailer, it looks like you can either join the raider types or the vault peeps, with repercussions depending on which side you pick.

To build on the new content hype, and coinciding with the release of Nuclear Winter, Fallout 76 will be free to play from 10 to 15 June. The Wastelanders expansion should be released around September.

Time to go back to the wastelands, vault dweller.

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