GhostWire: Tokyo

If you see something, stab something in GhostWire: Tokyo

GhostWire: Tokyo is the slick new offering from Bethesda and Tango Gameworks that’s providing practical advice for anyone suffering from social anxiety and a heavy case of the spooks.

Don’t fear the unknown. Attack it.

Tokyo has been mysteriously raptured, in the un-fun way, and those left behind must deal with a whole host of nether-dwelling nasties, hell-bent (hur) on harassing the remaining population for reasons of spookiness. You must unravel the mystery and find out how to purge the evil before it purges you. Don’t worry, magic Asian Hawkeye’s got your back. Or maybe you are magic Asian Hawkeye… it wasn’t super clear.

GhostWire: Tokyo’s got conspiracy theories, urban legends, and all the occult you can handle, based in realistic-looking Japan; what’s not to love? No actual gameplay yet, but the concept is looking promising so far.

For now, though, maybe attack those people at the office team building exercise with some killer pop culture references instead, for reasons of social cohesion. I mean, unless they look, like, super creepy and everyone else seems to have disappeared.

Also, somebody save that poor, lonely doggo!

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