You can upgrade your existing Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for R15

Announced at Microsoft’s E3 press conference last night, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a new combo subscription deal that includes Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Xbox Live Gold for R199 per month, but with an intro promo cost of R15.90 for the first month. But if you have an existing Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass subscription, THIS THING STACKS UP TO 36 MONTHS FOR THE SAME PROMO COST OF R15.90, YOU GUYS.

For example, I had a recently renewed Xbox Live Gold subscription, valid until April 2020. For R15.90, I now have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate until 25 May 2020.


Although there’s some double-up between Xbox Game Pass on console and Xbox Game Pass for PC, this subscription gives you access to a lot of games for less than half the price of a pizza.


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