Game of Thrones Dire Wolf

40,000-year-old giant severed wolf head found in Siberian permafrost

Before you even ask, no, it probably isn’t a dire wolf. Dire wolves were real, if not magical, things, but, according to the scientists studying it, this probably wasn’t one of them. The giant severed wolf head was found in 2018, but images were only recently released.

The giant Pleistocene wolf head was discovered, buried in the permafrost, by a local in Eastern Siberia. The wolf would have been between two and four years old when it was decapitated by, what I have to assume was, some Pleistocenic badass. Whoever they were, it seems they never got to take their trophy home, since the wolf’s fur, teeth, and brain were preserved intact. The head is 40 cm long and, for comparison, your average modern wolf’s head is around 28 cm, with the dire wolf’s coming in around 31 cm.

That’s one large pupper. Show of hands for anyone else who thinks it was a giant zombie wolf and that this is how the apocalypse starts.

Further DNA testing is required before they can be sure what it is, exactly. It’s currently being studied by scientists at the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

Via Popular Mechanics.

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