Shirtless Jeff Goldblum

Celebrate Jurassic Park’s 26th anniversary with shirtless Jeff Goldblum LEGO

Why are we even celebrating Jurassic Park’s 26th anniversary? I don’t care, because there’s now a shirtless Jeff Goldblum LEGO minifigure and I NEED THIS.

Shirtless Jeff Goldblum is but one part of a massive, over 3000 piece, celebratory LEGO set that includes a 68 cm (!!) T-Rex, some 40 cm tall park gates, the iconic toilet, and Dennis Nedry with his face covered in Dilophosaurus goo.

LEGO Jeff Goldblum

You get six character minifigures in total (John Hammond, Ian Malcolm, Ellie Sattler, Alan Grant, Ray Arnold, and Dennis Nedry) and each one gets their own scene, housed on the back of the gate structure, such as Arnold’s control room and Hammond’s dining room ice cream experience.

LEGO, truly, spared no expense (sorry not sorry).

LEGO Jurassic Park Set

I cannot express in words how much I need this in my life, so just imagine that flailing Kermit GIF. Unfortunately, it’ll put you back over R3,600.


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