Marvel's Avengers

Off-brand Avengers will not be getting a redesign

The trailer for Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers, developed by Crystal Dynamics, premiered at E3 2019 to criticism about the appearance of the main cast, due to them not looking like the actors that portrayed them in the MCU. This is because they’re not based on the actors that portrayed them in the MCU.

Crystal Dynamics’ lead creative director, Shaun Escayg, has also confirmed that they will not be changing the design of the characters, polishing them up, yes, but you’re out of luck if you were hoping they’d pull a Sonic and redo all the designs just because some people complained.

We are always listening to, and welcome feedback from our community. There are currently no plans to change our character designs.

The complaints are understandable, though. For most people, the Avengers are the actors that played them for a decade in the films, so it seems odd that you’d bring out a game that didn’t cater to that massive fandom’s expectation. Yes, the Avengers existed long before the MCU, and this game is based on the comics, but the MCU version is now ingrained in the popular psyche. I have to assume they couldn’t use the actors’ likenesses for licensing/budgetary reasons.

If you didn’t like the look of the characters for other reasons, the footage in the trailer is pre-alpha, so they will be getting detailed tweaks and adjustments before the game is actually released.

Via IGN.


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