Old Marcus Gears of War

Gears of War movie takes place in an alternate timeline

According to an interview with IGN, Rod Fergusson, studio head for The Coalition, has confirmed that the Gears of War movie will take place in an alternate reality and will have nothing to do with the plot line that has played out in the games. Apparently they believe this will save it from the curse of game to movie adaptations.

Nobody tell them that very few, if any, game movies made sense within the plot of the games on which they were based. I guess now you won’t expect it to?

In order for the movie to be successful, it has to be a great movie first and a Gears movie second.

According to Fergusson, they’re letting a new team of creatives run free with the Gears world in order to come up with something different. The film still be set on Sera, though, and include a number of familiar characters. So, Marcus Fenix should be there with his BFF, Dominic Santiago. I’m hoping for something a little smart, at least, like Starship Troopers.

Nobody has been cast for the movie yet, but Dave Bautista has previously put up his hand to play Marcus. So, there’s that. It’s currently being developed by Universal Pictures.

I also hope Dom’s a girl now.

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