Bethesda's Fallout power armour helmet abandoned to the wastelands

Special edition Fallout 76 bag saga concludes… or does it?

You may recall, back when Fallout 76 came out, that there was a special, Power Armour edition (for a hefty R3999) that included a wearable helmet and a bag to keep it in. You may also recall the false advertising furore when people realised that the bag was nylon instead of the canvas promised by the promotional material. Well, Bethesda has sent out replacement canvas bags now, so everyone’s happy, right? LOL.

The new bags are certainly canvas, and seem to be a vast improvement, but some people still aren’t happy, suggesting that it’s too thin and isn’t military grade canvas. Yes, because that game merchandise is going to be seeing a lot of use on all those tactical ops you’re running, friend. Those VATS sound effects won’t slow time, either.

Bethesda originally blamed “unavailability of materials” (totally not the budget) for the nylon bag situation, offering 500 Atoms (in-game currency) in reparation to those that logged a support ticket. It seems that the people that followed this process are also the ones that are getting the replacement bags.

Via PC Gamer.


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