The advertising campaign for that new Star Trek series is out of this world

Sorry, not sorry. The latest images, back from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite, revealed a familiar logo, emblazoned on the planet’s surface.

Which led to an amusing exchange between Mark Hamill and William Shatner, because this is the world we live in.

The fun police at NASA were quick to point out that it was all coincidence and not actually a Star Fleet logo. The shape is the result of an ancient eruption that caused lava to flow around existing dunes. Once the lava solidified, it created a cast of the dune which remained behind, after the actual dune blew away over time. Which is still interesting, even if it isn’t proof that we live in a timeline where Star Fleet exists and is trying to communicate with us from the future.

At least it’s more convincing than that Stark house emblem they found back in April.

Via Popular Science.

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