Ghostbusters Transformers Crossover

Ghostbusters and Transformers mashed together for maximum nostalgia

Both Ghostbusters and Transformers are celebrating their 35th anniversaries this year, so embrace the relentless march of time, that will lead to your inevitable demise, and look at these crossover Transformer toys that Hasbro put together.

First up, there’s Ectotron, an Autobot character from a limited crossover comic series, published by IDW, as part of the anniversary celebrations. This is the iconic Ecto-1 as it would have been if it was inhabited by a Transformer’s spark. Also, it comes with its own proton pack for busting ghosts. This one’s pretty neat, if you’re a fan of both franchises or even just the 80s in general. It comes out in July.

Ectotron Transformer

Then there’s the one that makes less sense (I know); the MP-10G Optimus Prime Ecto-35, because is it even Transformers if Optimus Prime isn’t involved? This San Diego Comic-Con exclusive sees Optimus re-imagined as part of the Ghostbusters team, if the Ghostbusters had a semi truck that was also a mobile base. Sure, it seems cool, but would have been wildly impractical when you consider New York City’s traffic.

Ghostbusters Optimus Prime

Ghostbusters Optimus Prime Transformed

Via Polygon.

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