World of Warcraft Rise of Azshara

World of Warcraft’s Rise of Azshara update is coming soon

There’s a major update coming to World of Warcraft that includes new zones, a new raid, a new dungeon, the ability to turn your mount into Jesus, and more.

Patch 8.2 is called Rise of Azshara, which gives you a clue as to who the big bad is this time and maybe suggests you should invest in some waterproof pants. One of the new zones is Nazjatar, undersea city of the naga, surrounded by waterfalls, in the middle of the Great Sea. The other new zone is Mechagon, an ancient lost city of the gnomes that’s a little more into robotics than is probably healthy.

Amongst plenty of other additions, there’s an update to the Azerite armour system that sees all rings on your Azerite armour slots fully unlocked, with improved customisation options added. There’s also heritage armour for Gnomes and Tauren, so you can embark on specific quests for some extra fancy pants, which is nice, because you’ll also have the ability to hide all your armour except your pants. You’ll also be able to get new equipment that lets any mount walk on water.

Rise of Azshara will be available, worldwide, from 25 June.


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