You can finish Cyberpunk 2077 without killing people

Although this wasn’t originally planned for the game, CD Projekt Red has now decided to support conscientious objectors in Cyberpunk 2077 – which, when you think about the otherwise inherent killing-people-thing of the job of a hired killer in Night City, is even more cyberpunk. Fuck the system.

Back at E3 in 2018, the studio confirmed that you wouldn’t be able to finish the game without killing people.

“You do play as a mercenary, so there are not non-violent solutions to all problems,” designer Patrick Mills told Game Informer at the time. “It’s not possible go through the game non-violently. You’re a mercenary. Your job is violence.”

But that was controversial with a lot of fans, apparently, who wanted to choose for themselves. This isn’t without precedent – I finished Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, for example, with zero kills, and zero alarms because I love reloading saves over and over and over like that. And the achievement glitched so I didn’t even get something special for it, so I restarted the first level and murdered everybody, and no, I’m totally not mad about it three years later.

According to Polygon, however, no kills doesn’t actually mean no almost-kills, and some combat encounters in the game can’t be skipped but “nonlethal weapons will be easily accessible to players, and every boss will give you the option to spare their life once you take them down”. I dunno if that includes peeing on them to establish dominance, but I vote for that feature. What? So maybe I don’t kill people, but I’m not some prissy cleric either, #chaoticneutral.

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