Assassin’s Creed Story Editor is being abused for XP farming – nobody is surprised

Ubisoft released a free Story Editor for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey during E3 2019, so obviously people are using it to farm XP and Drachmae, because who even actually plays games anymore anyway?

The Story Editor lets you create custom quests for XP and cash rewards, and was provided with the hope that people would invent new and intriguing quest lines for their fellow players, to keep the game alive without developers having to make new content. Some people are doing that, but, mostly, the custom quests are just XP and Drachmae farms for those that want to level with the least effort possible, often without you having to do anything. This lets people gain massive amounts of XP, unlocking all the high-level, cool stuff.

Cheating not only the game, but themselves.

It’s lame, but these hyper-levelling players aren’t hurting anyone else, since Odyssey is a single-player game and the enemies scale with you. It would be a pity if the genuinely interesting and fun custom content got lost amongst the farms, though. It also probably says something about society that so many people want all the cool stuff for nothing, but I dropped out of Sociology.

Via Kotaku.


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