Stranger Things Season 3

The night is dark and full of references in latest Stranger Things trailer

A proper Stranger Things season 3 trailer is upon us and things are getting dark. We’ve got a nether being with boundary issues, children hiding behind things, and all sorts of classic horror homages. I mean, I counted at least four obvious ones.

Seems the team of plucky pre-teens didn’t entirely save the day last season, but we knew that already. It’s sort of like when you’re trying to herd your cats out of a room and, on finally closing the door, find one sitting behind you, looking smug. Except your cat is an unknowable creature from the void (so… a cat) and you had to use nosebleed-inducing magic to close the door – relatable.

How will they survive this time? Has Hopper reached peak dad? Does anyone care what happens to Will? How many references did you catch? Nerd.

Prep for the binge, Stranger Things Season 3 will be unleashed on Netflix from 4 July.

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