Nissan Roboduck

Robots are stealing the ducks’ jobs too now

People already have issues with robots replacing them at their jobs, and now they’re coming for our ducks. More specifically, the jobs our ducks do. Yes, they have jobs.

Ducks aren’t just bread-addicted pond ornaments, they’re also handy to keep around your rice paddies, because they keep the plants healthy by eating bugs, producing fertiliser, and destroying weeds. Also, watching them paddling about is comforting to the human soul. Now Nissan has created a robot that does half the job, and is sort of cute, but doesn’t even quack, so what’s the point?

Nissan’s roboduck uses WiFi and GPS to paddle around the rice fields, muddying the water so that weeds can’t grow. It does not, however, fertilise the plants or eat bugs. At least they gave it eyes so we could anthropomorphise it. The little bot is also solar powered, to reduce its environmental impact.

The video is in Japanese, but the music is jolly.

Nissan currently has no intention to mass-produce the little paddy-patroller, it’s more of a personal project. There are already actual ducks doing a better job anyway.

Via Engadget.

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