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Steam will not support Ubuntu in the future

Steam is dropping support for Ubuntu from version 19.10 because Canonical is dropping support for 32-bit packages and libraries. These are the things that let 32-bit software run on 64-bit systems, so it’s kind of a big deal for Steam.

Basically, Valve doesn’t want to deal with the myriad compatibility issues this creates for them and fair enough. 32-bit Linux games, of which there are many, currently work on Steam because of the 32-bit libraries, but, after the 19.10 update, Steam can no longer be certain of this for Ubuntu users. 64-bit has been around for a good twenty years, and all new games and software are usually 64-bit, but this isn’t just about being able to play old games. A lot of Linux games might be 64-bit, but have 32-bit installers (the foresight was not strong) so they won’t work anymore or may have a lot of issues if they do.

If Ubuntu users just never update to 19.10 they should be fine, but that’s not ideal. Fortunately, this is just Canonical, and there are a number of other distros that still support 32-bit, it’s just rather obnoxious to have to deal with it if you are part of the 1% of Steam users running Linux and you also use Ubuntu.

Via Techgage.

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