Bendy And The Dark Revival

Bendy and the Dark Revival is coming very soon

Joey Drew Studios has finally released a trailer announcing that its new game, Bendy and the Dark Revival, will release sometime in Fall of this year (between September and November). This game will serve as the next installment in the Bendy and the Ink Machine franchise. If you’re unfamiliar with Bendy, picture this – if Mickey Mouse had a baby with dark, cartoonishly twisted ink monstrosity, then that’s Bendy for you.

According to developer Mike Mood, Bendy and the Dark Revival is neither a prequel nor a sequel but guarantees that Bendy will return to haunt us. As expected, the gameplay trailer is incredibly eerie and only gives hints and clues as to what new horrors we’ll have to face. In the trailer, the protagonist is seen wandering through the dark halls of the all too familiar Ink Machine, when a nightmare fueled figure starts chasing her. After successfully escaping, she’s then forced to fight off another Ink Monster, prompting her to then ask what was happening, unaware of the situation she’s in.

Not many details have been revealed other than that the game will be episodic, much like its predecessor. The graphics have clearly taken a significant leap forward, and the game looks stunning. Considering the initial success of Bendy and the Ink Machine, horror game enthusiasts can expect a gripping experience once more. Four words – the machine must endure.

Via Gaming Bolt.

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