Hacker USB Drive

Hacker exposed after leaving flash drive at scene of a completely different crime

A Belgian hacker has been discovered and charged after his USB drive was found at the scene of a Molotov cocktail attack on a bank in 2014.

The hacker (a member of the hacking groups Cyber Crew and Anonymous Belgium) was identified after authorities found the drive and connected its contents to information they already had on a man suspected of other criminal activity. A search of his devices and history revealed his involvement in a number of DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks, including one against the same bank he hit with the Molotov cocktail. His attacks were apparently in retaliation for the bank’s lack of response when he queried the €300,000 that had gone missing from his mother’s account after his parents got divorced. He was just doing it for his MOM, guys.

Oh, before you get too sympathetic, he also tried to use DDoS attacks to extort a pizza restaurant into paying him ransom money in exchange for them having a functional website. I SAID NO PINEAPPLE.

The hacker was sentenced to 18 months in prison, asked to pay the bank a €3,000 (around R48,000) fine, and got an extra three years for arson.

Not that I’m in favour of intelligent criminals, but he could have avoided all this if he’d just invested in this fancy modern technology I like to call a pocket with a zip. Also, maybe don’t bring evidence linking you to previous crimes to the place where you intend to commit another crime.

Via Gizmodo.

Remember… Quest for Glory?