Mario Royale is now DMCA Royale because Nintendo hates creative fans

Youtuber InfernoPlus got into a bit of hot water with Nintendo last week due to his popular creation Mario Royale. If you haven’t heard, Mario Royale is a web-based Mario themed battle royale game, placing up to 99 players on a map as they all compete to reach the end of a level – yes, because even Mario needed the Fortnite treatment.

Nintendo is well known for how seriously they take their intellectual property, cracking down on anything and everything that has a tiny semblance to that. As of 21 June, a patch called “DMCA Patch” has effectively changed Mario Royale’s title to DMCA Royale, featuring Infringio and his brother Copyright Infringio – we see what you did there. The patch has changed the game’s music, sound effects, as well as the sprites. Additionally, the game’s loading screen now reads “We are now in compliance with the DMCA. New assets are currently a work in progress. Bear with us…please don’t sue me. Please.”

Hopefully, the changes made to the game will prevent Nintendo’s lawyers from causing any more legal issues. Despite all this, the DMCA Royale community is still alive and kicking, so that’s great. In the words of InfernoPlus, what’s life without a little copyright infringement after all?

Via Ars Technica.

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