Halo: Reach

PC Halo: Reach released to beta testers, also everyone else

The PC version of Halo: Reach is being re-released as part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection and went into beta testing on 28 June, which means illegal copies obviously started to appear shortly thereafter. 343 Industries was not surprised.

Consequences for downloading illegal copies of the game beta include the potential for your account to be banned and being blocked from future beta tests. Also, you get to play a game that hasn’t been fully tested, but isn’t that all games these days LOL?

Some people believe streamers and content producers got preferential treatment in gaining access to the beta, but 343 Industries responded to this by pointing out that the majority of their testers were regular folk, chosen for their hardware configurations, and the rest were a mixture of content creators and “close friends”. It’s not like the streamers are allowed to stream anything, anyway, and it makes promotional sense to let people with tons of followers play your game.

More people will be invited to the beta over time and beta testing will come to the Xbox One at some point, they just haven’t said when. You have to sign up with the Halo Insiders program if you want to be involved.

Via GameSpot.


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