Remedy now owns the publishing rights for Alan Wake, and 2019 is saved

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that a sequel is going into development so maybe 2019 isn’t exactly saved just yet, but in the meantime, it’s definitely… improved.

The Finnish studio has recently banked 2.5 million euros in one-time royalties, according to Global Newswire, and plans to invest this cash into development of some new games – and whether or not that includes Alan Wake 2 is a matter of speculation for the moment, but TOTALLY COINCIDENTALLY, Remedy has also confirmed that the publishing rights to new Alan Wake games have been reverted to the company. Until now, although the original game’s intellectual property was owned by Remedy, the franchise publishing rights were owned by Microsoft, because they’re different like that.

Remedy’s next game, Control, which isn’t Alan Wake 2, launches in August.


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