Dr Disrespect apologises for E3 toiletgate controversy

In a somewhat unexpected but no less dramatic turn of events that will probably make people mad anyway because this is the internet, Twitch celebrity Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm has owned up to his E3 goof, explaining that he and his team “weren’t thinking” about the legal implications or other consequences of livestreaming from a public toilet – an event which I am now dubbing “toiletgate” because those are the rules, #toiletgate.

In response to #toiletgate, Beahm was booted out of the expo by management and his access revoked for violating California’s local privacy laws, and his Twitch channel was subsequently banned for about two weeks.

For the first time since #toiletgate, Beahm has now issued a statement on Twitter about #toiletgate,  and if #toiletgate isn’t trending on social media by tomorrow, I quit (maybe).

This was my first IRL stream as the Doc and if it’s not obvious by now, one of the things I try to stay true with is authenticity. Real life personas are so difficult to pull off, especially in today’s society. Doc is edgy, highly opinionated, cocky, etc. and that certainly adds to the difficulty in staying authentic without offending anyone on a deeper, personal level. When we were walking around filming at E3, we clearly weren’t thinking about the laws/repercussions of filming in the bathroom because honestly, it wasn’t in our mind frame at the time. We were sort of ‘all in’ with the Doc livestream experience and capturing the E3 event through the character. We were so into the E3 IRL journey that we became a little blind in what’s ok and what’s not ok. We had no ill intentions and I feel that was pretty obvious if you watched the entire thing. We wanted to capture an adventure, unfortunately we took that adventure into the wrongs [sic] areas unaware of the legalities surrounding it. On behalf of the Dr Disrespect brand, I apologize for this.

It’s got to take some turbo guts to break character like this, considering the number of fans who’ve been making excuses about #toiletgate not even being a big deal because PUBLIC TOILETS ARE PUBLIC OMG, so high fives to Beahm for getting real. Everybody makes stupid mistakes, but it’s actually taking responsibility for those stupid mistakes that counts most.


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