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Indie developers would rather you pirate their games than buy them via G2A

Controversial digital gaming marketplace, G2A, is annoying developers again and, this time, the game devs would rather you just torrented their games instead of getting them through G2A, since they’re not making money either way.

G2A isn’t a store, as such, but a platform for other people to sell gaming products. The most controversial of which are unused game keys. Related to this, I promise, Mike Rose, founder of indie publisher No More Robots, recently tweeted about G2A buying sponsored ads for Descenders, their mountain biking game, on Google. The ads appear higher up in the search results than the publisher’s own site.

How is this a problem, since, surely, somebody bought the keys at some point? Apparently, G2A has a reputation for allowing people to sell keys that were purchased with stolen credit card information. When those charges inevitably get reversed, the developers lose money. It’s unclear how often this is the case on G2A, but they created G2A Direct and the G2A Shield protection programme to combat the problem.

However, a number of developers have pointed out that G2A Direct essentially forces them to pay G2A a percentage of their sales in exchange for investigating fraud concerns. So now they’re asking people to rather torrent their games, if they were going to buy them from G2A, because of the potential for the keys to be fraudulently acquired.


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