CD Projekt Red going hard on this whole Johnny Silverhand thing

I’m not sure what CD Projeckt Red thought they had to prove with Cyberpunk 2077, but the addition of internet darling Keanu Reeves was a genius touch, regardless. He plays Johnny Silverhand, legendary rocker for a band named SAMURAI, so, obviously, they had to make an actual, real-life band.

CD Projekt Red has been working with Refused, a Swedish punk band, to create a whole album of SAMURAI’s “greatest hits”. If you were paying attention to the Cyberpunk 2077 E3 trailer, and weren’t still squeeing over Keanu Reeves, you may have heard Chippin’ In, one of SAMURAI’s “hit” singles. If you can’t remember anything other than Keanu, here’s the full track:

Can you feel it?

The album will apparently feature songs inspired by the original tabletop game and others written exclusively for Cyberpunk 2077.

This is starting to feel like those super sweet 16 shows except CD Projekt Red keeps one-upping itself instead of the other obscenely wealthy parents. I bet Borderlands 3 wants a band now, though.

OMG if Borderlands 3 doesn’t get a band I will literally just die and it would be, like, SO UNFAIR.

Via PC Gamer.

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