Fortnite Stranger Things

The Upside Down comes to Fortnite with Stranger Things tie-in portals

Season three of Netflix’s Stranger Things starts today and Fortnite is getting in on the Upside Down action with the addition of some very familiar dimensional rifts.

You should know this by now, if you’ve been watching the show, but Stranger Things revolves around the inhabitants of fictional Hawkins, Indiana, and the many ways in which the population (although mostly just one, specific group of children) is menaced by homicidal beasties from the alter-dimensional Upside Down. The creatures travel through rifts between the two worlds.

Now, those very same rifts have appeared in Fortnite. Since Stranger Things is very mall-centric this time around, you will find the rifts in various locations within Fortnite’s Mega Mall, glowing with uninviting malevolence. So, obviously, you’re going to want to step on through. If you do, you will be transported to another part of the island that will appear in muted tones, with floaty particles in the air, until you take a few steps away from the portal and it all returns to normal.

So far, it seems like it’s just a fun little nod to the series. Anyone else intending to binge it tonight?

Via SlashGear.

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