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China’s Alipay to add beauty filters to face payments

In China (and some other parts of the world), you can use your face to pay for things (not like that) using facial recognition software linked to your digital wallet. The fact that they can make use of this future-tech for everyday transactions isn’t enough, however, people also want to look pretty.

Following a recent poll, by Sina Technology, in which 60% of respondents indicated that they felt these facial recognition payment systems make them look ugly, Alipay has decided to add beauty filters to all its retail store systems, within a week. Alipay is one of the largest mobile payment platforms in the world and China has the highest rates of mobile wallet usage; they want to keep the people happy.

Nobody really wants to be reminded how disappointing their face is when they just popped down the road for a coffee, but that’s life; the vast majority of us are not models. Wouldn’t it be worse to walk around all day, paying for things with your perfect face, then glancing in the mirror at home, only to find an unholy troll staring back at you? Do the mirrors get beauty filters, too? God, they already exist, don’t they…

Via Engadget.

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