Pigeon Simulator

Take wing and mildy annoy your enemies in Pigeon Simulator

Bossa Studios is back at it again, ready to break the internet and our keyboards. After making I Am Bread and the legendary Surgeon Simulator, the studio has finally revealed its next epic game project – Pigeon Simulator (tadaaaaah).

In Pigeon Simulator, players have one goal and one goal only: to be as much of a nuisance to the general populous as they can. Players take on the role of a pigeon (or a whole flock of them) and can cause extreme amounts of chaos around the city. You’ll be able to partake in exhilarating activities like blowing up cars, picking up innocent civilians, murdering innocent civilians, and using pigeon poop as deadly projectiles – you know, regular pigeon shenanigans.

Naturally, some have felt inclined to compare Pigeon Simulator to Coffee Stain Studios’ wildly successful Goat Simulator. The game features a similar open-world with questionable physics format, and much like Goat Simulator, its pigeon counterpart seems all too hilarious to pass up.

The announcement trailer doesn’t feature a release date or the platforms that will support it. Nevertheless, we should all just prepare to happily accept our new pigeon masters when the time comes.

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