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Niantic teases Team Rocket Pokémon GO update

During the recent Pokémon GO Fest in Dortmund, Germany, Niantic gave Pokémon fans an exclusive teaser for what could be in store for the game’s future. Several trainers reported seeing a black hot air balloon sporting the Team Rocket logo floating over the event – looks like Team Rocket might be blasting off again to land in our devices sooner or later.

Okay so by now, it should be pretty evident that Team Rocket is coming to Pokémon GO. This event isn’t the first time that fans got a teaser for the upcoming update – previously, Team Rocket members were spotted sneaking into trainers’ photos during GO Fest in Chicago last month when using the game’s AR mode. It seems that the exact same thing happened in Germany as well. Additionally, dataminers have found clues that in the future, players will be able to encounter Team Rocket members and battle them.

Niantic is very blatantly giving us all the signals, but nothing’s been delivered so far. The company hasn’t specified the release date yet, and it’s admittedly frustrating. Rest assured, no Pokémon were kidnapped or hurt in the making of this teaser.

Via Game Rant, IGN.

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