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tinyBuild CEO clears up that whole GOG-is-full-of-filthy-pirates-so-no-updates-for-you thing

Poorly-trained community managers are running amok again, this time bringing indie developer, tinyBuild (Hello Neighbor, Pathologic 2), into disrepute over their DRM stance. Company CEO Alex Nichiporchik had to step in and clear things up… sort of.

What’s this all about? Well, someone asked tinyBuild, over Discord, why some of their games were missing DLC or not fully updated on GOG, which is a DRM-free digital distribution platform. The tinyBuild representative suggested that the games would not be getting DLC or updates due to the high potential for DRM-free games to be pirated.

Updating games on GOG is very unlikely because games are continuously torrented through DRM-free builds.

This didn’t make a huge amount of sense, given how many other games on GOG are fully updated and include DLC available on other distribution platforms. It also suggested that GOG, and its users, were untrustworthy – spirited discussion ensued. This led to a response from Nichiporchik, stating that they hadn’t given the community management team enough training around the DRM-free issue. He also went on to explain why their games don’t always get timely updates.

…it has everything to do with platform-specific dependencies. For example, most level editors are tied to online storage platforms (they handle storage, user profiles, often the GUI as an overlay), they’re designed to integrate directly with things like Steamworks or console-specific systems. Making all of that work offline means designing local systems which most smaller teams don’t have the capacity to do.

According to Nichiporchik, the missing DLC is something they’re in the “process of fixing”, which doesn’t really explain why it wasn’t there in the first place.

The tiny mystery continues.

Via gamesindustry.biz.

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