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Instagram is getting an asshole filter and, no, that’s not what I meant

Instagram is rolling out a couple of anti-bullying features, one of which involves AI scanning the contents of your comment and warning you that you may be an asshole if you don’t hit Undo. Can we also maybe get an AI that will suggest not sending unsolicited dickpics to anyone, ever?

Instagram announced yesterday, on their blog, that these features are aimed mostly at teens, but some people never grow out of their assholism, so the rest of us may benefit too. One of the new features is essentially the same concept as that locally-made Unicef anti-bullying ad you may have seen before your movie, some time around 2017; AI scans your comment and warns you if it contains content that may be considered offensive or hurtful. It’s meant to give you time to reflect on your life choices and remove or edit your comment.

Instagram Comment Warning Feature

Nobody’s stopping you from spewing anonymous internet hate, Instagram just wants to give you the opportunity to maybe not. This leads into a whole other conversation about the potential for AI to undermine simpler internet freedoms, swaying the narrative towards a specific, nefarious goal, but I don’t have the word count available for that here.

Feel free to discuss our dystopian future in the comments. While you still caaaaan…

Via Gizmodo.

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