Pokemon Shield Allister

New Pokémon Sword and Shield trailer features version-exclusive Gym Leaders because Game Freak wants to make your wallet sweat

Pokémon Sword and Shield will feature version-exclusive Gym Leaders, so Pokémon aren’t the only thing you’ll have to worry about when picking your version – and you thought that choosing your starter Pokémon was the hardest decision you’d ever make.

A new trailer for the games showcases the two currently known version-exclusive Gym Leaders, Bea and Allister. Exclusive to Pokémon Sword, Fighting specialist Bea is a “prodigy in Galar karate” who’s “known for her stoicism”. Then, exclusive to Pokémon Shield, spooky Ghost master Allister “rarely makes public appearances and seems to spend most of his time near ruins or cemeteries” – for very obvious reasons that are obvious.

The trailer also gives an updated look at some new Pokémon, including the best thing since Wooloo – Alcremie. This Pokémon is basically walking whipped cream, and it’s terribly cute. If it’s attacks don’t make you faint, then its sweetness will. We also get a taste of a new feature called Gigantamaxing, which is different from Dynamaxing because this time, the Pokémon changes form  – it’s basically Mega Evolution with Godzilla vibes.

Bea and Allister are the only version-exclusive Gym Leaders we know of so far. But where there’s two, there could be more. Trainers will have a lot of thinking to do before Sword and Shield’s release on 15 November. Or, you could save yourself the hassle and get both versions because financial stability is overrated anyway.

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