Stranger Things Season 3

Over 40 million Netflix accounts have watched Stranger Things 3

The third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things came out on 4 July and it’s already been watched by over 40 million accounts, more than any other Netflix film or series over the same time period. In your face, Bird Box.

Netflix counts a show as viewed if 70% of an episode or movie has been watched and, according to the streaming platform’s Twitter boast, Stranger Things three racked up views from over 40 million accounts in just four days. Of those, 18.2 million accounts, including mine (assuming they counted our region), have already finished the entire season (it was raining all day Saturday).

For comparison, alternative superhero hit The Umbrella Academy did exceptionally well with 45 million views, over its first month, and Murder Mystery (Adam Sandler on a boat) beat Bird Box’s record with 30.9 million views over its first three days.

So, a fourth season is pretty much guaranteed even if Netflix has a habit of discarding its original shows after two or three seasons, regardless of popularity, as they become too expensive to make. I’m pretty sure they’ll make an exception for the retrostalgia hit that is Stranger Things, but the series is reaching its 30 episode cut-off point.

Via Engadget.

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