Saw Reboot

Saw reboot would like to play a game with Samuel L. Jackson

Everything’s getting a reboot these days and that includes 2004’s Saw, the horror film that wasn’t afraid of flashbacks within flashbacks, or plot twists, and gave rise to a wave of similar stuck-in-a-house-being-tortured-by-an-inventive-crazy-person movies. This time, it’s got Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson in it.

I’ve watched almost all the Saw films, mostly to see what new and adventurous ways Jigsaw, Jigsaw’s daughter, Jigsaw’s ghost, Jigsaw’s ghost’s detective friend’s estranged uncle, could find to wreak excessive vengeance on those what did them wrong. I also have a weird affection for the convoluted plot. I’m not sure it needs a reboot, though, even one that involves Samuel L. Apparently Chris Rock just loves the franchise and wanted to make another one.

In the reboot, Rock plays the police detective investigating the series of creatively gruesome crimes and Jackson plays his father. Other than the guarantee that it will involve all manner of devious detainment devices, plot details are being kept secret for now. Apparently, this won’t be a direct copy of the original, but something new, even if it’s being directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, who was responsible for Saw II, III, and IV.

But will they get Tobin Bell back for another round?

The Saw reboot is set for release on 23 October 2020.

Via Variety.

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