No Man's Sky

Why Hello Games went silent after troubled No Man’s Sky launch

No Man’s Sky promised way more than it was able to deliver when it launched, back in 2016, and, after the dismal reception, Hello Games, went silent; not speaking to the community for three months or the press for two years. Studio head Sean Murray recently explained why.

No Man’s Sky wasn’t the first game to disappoint at launch, but one could argue that it was the first to promise so much and deliver so little. Sadly, it also wasn’t the last and we’ve seen several big name studios releasing over-hyped games recently that don’t deliver half the promised features. These studios then usually launch into a series of damage control blogs and Reddit posts that tend to generate even more vitriol from the disappointed masses.

Speaking at the Develop conference in Brighton, UK, Murray suggests that the silent treatment may be the best way to go, for everyone’s sake.

And I can see EA, Microsoft, or Bethesda try to placate players by just talking to them, but for right or wrong, it just doesn’t really work. You see this all the time when a big publisher will talk to the community and try to solve the problem and then get embroiled, taking up more and more of its head space.

Hello Games went silent, put their heads down, and worked on delivering the gaming experience they had promised, instead of blogging about amazing upcoming features and latest road map progress. Actions tend to speak louder than words, which is probably why No Man’s Sky is experiencing a popularity revival after several major content updates have brought it more in line with what was initially promised.

Basically, just fix the thing and stop talking about how awesome it’s going to be once it’s fixed.

Via Games Radar.

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