Instagram girl murdered, photos of her dead body uploaded by the alleged killer to social media

In this week’s edition of 2019 Was Probably A Mistake, 17-year old Instagram user Bianca Devins was decapitated on Sunday, and photos of her dead body in an SUV uploaded to his own account and other social media websites by the alleged perp, Brandon Clark.

Clark’s Instagram account has been scrubbed, but the photos have since been re-uploaded to Discord, 4Chan, and probably more websites because people suck.

Devins, who was on Instagram as “escty” and “beegtfo“, was a resident of Utica, New York. The relationship, whatever is was, between the two is not established for the moment, with some sources claiming Clark was Devins’s boyfriend, ex, or some random guy she met at a party. Clark apparently attempted to commit suicide, but was taken to hospital and is now in police custody, according to Metro.

Besides Metro, however, sources for this event are not exactly the most reputable, so maybe it’s fake news – but I think it’s important to remember that everybody on the internet is totally a serial killer, anyway, unless proven otherwise. And also even then.

Update, 16 July:

Utica polica have confirmed that Bianca Devins is dead, CNN reports, and 21-year old suspect Brandon Clark survived emergency surgery for self-inflicted wounds and is expected to be charged for the crime.

The relationship between Devins and Clark remains disputed, though – Clark told police at the scene that he had killed his girlfriend, according to Rolling Stone, but a mutual friend identified as “Chels” insists that they were platonic friends. Multiple sources also cite Devins’s sister Liv, who supposedly posted on Instagram that “[Clark] wasn’t just an ‘internet boyfriend’ this was a close family friend whom we’ve met and trusted so much”, but I couldn’t find a link to verify this.

What we know for now is that Devins and Clark attended an event with a third person, and some sort of argument ensued. Clark allegedly murdered Devins on the drive home, and uploaded a photo of her dead body to Discord with the caption “sorry fuckers, you’re gonna have to find someone else to orbit”. He also uploaded photos to Instagram.


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