FFXIV Fat Black Chocobo

To earn the Fat Black Chocobo you must become the Fat Black Chocobo in this Chinese KFC promotion

If you’re not prepared to risk potential arterial damage, are you even worthy of owning a Fat Black Chocobo? Chinese fans of Final Fantasy XIV are getting the chance to prove their worth with a KFC promotion.

You can get all sorts of mounts in FFXIV, one of which is the coveted Fat Black Chocobo. While other countries simply offer promo codes for the beast, in exchange for spending X amount of money, China understands what honour truly means. This is why KFC partnered with Square Enix, offering a free Fat Black Chocobo code for anyone that can finish their family meal.

The family meal consists of four double chicken burgers, four vegan mushroom burgers, eight large Pepsis, eight large peach oolong teas, eight pieces of chicken, twenty chicken nuggets, eight chicken wings, and four spicy duck rolls. They’re not monsters, you don’t have to do it alone (although apparently some have), but you do have to finish it all before you leave. What lucky friend gets saddled with the vegan burgers?

You only get one promo code, though, so those people that like their parties to match would have to return repeatedly and maybe schedule a checkup with the GP.

Anyone else hungry?

Via PC Gamer.

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