Apex Legends Gibraltar gets a streamlined hitbox update

Apex Legends is fighting cheaters with cheaters

One of the ways Respawn has decided to combat their ongoing cheater plague in Apex Legends is by matching cheaters and spam accounts with other cheaters and spam accounts, so they can hack each other to their little hearts’ content, without bothering people that actually want to play fair.

This is done using AI that Respawn is developing and is part of a combined strategy that includes detecting and auto-banning cheaters, banning spam accounts before they’re used, and enforcing two-factor authentication for users that have been deemed “high risk”. If you’re friends with a cheater, and party with them in order to benefit from their filthy hax, you’re also likely to get penalised. The machines are watching you.

The AI learns from player reports, amongst other things, so it helps everyone if you report cheating when you see it, preferably with video proof, when possible. It also takes time to learn, so it’s unlikely to be perfect straight away.

All this will probably only deter the more casual assholes, though, and those more dedicated to the asshole cause will, more than likely, find a way around the AI; tenacious little deviants. Either way, this will hopefully result in some brief peace for the rest of us.

Via Engadget.

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