Pokemon GO Straw Hat Pikachu

Gather your nakama, because you’ve gotta catch this Straw Hat Pikachu

In celebration of Pokémon GO’s 3rd anniversary and One Piece’s 22nd, the Pokémon Company is teaming up with the mega-popular, never-ending pirate manga for a worldwide Straw Hat Pikachu event.

Pokémon is about catching them all, One Piece is about finding the… One Piece, it’s all just searching, man, it makes total sense. Between 22 and 29 July, a special Straw Hat Pikachu will be unleashed into the wilds of Pokémon GO. As the name suggests, this Pikachu will be wearing the iconic hat of Monkey D. Luffy, tenacious leader of the Straw Hat pirates. You will also be able to purchase the very same hat for your trainer avatar.

The event is more meaningful if you happen to be in Japan, where One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda is assisting with rebuilding the Kumamoto Prefecture, which was seriously damaged by an earthquake in 2016. In commemoration of Oda’s generous donations, several One Piece statues are being installed around the Prefecture and they will function as PokéStops for the duration of the Pokémon GO event.

There’s still time to book a flight, if you’re looking to maximise your Pokémon GO One Piece experience.

Via Nintendo Life.

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