Declare war on Karen from accounts (again) with these Fortnite Nerf guns

So, she thought you’d forgotten about that time she took your lunch? She’s wrong. THIS ISN’T OVER, KAREN. And now that your toys, I mean your tactical operatives have secured her cubicle with suppressive fire, it’s time to finish this thing.

Hasbro’s new Fortnite Nerf guns will deliver a foam-powered assault of unprecedented proportions upon your enemies, with a versatile range of form factors including the AR-L Blaster, SP-L Blaster, and TS-R Water Blaster for long- to mid-range engagements, and convenient pocket-sized Microshots for covert ops to choose from.

Out now at Makro, Toys R Us, Toyzone, Toy Kingdom, Game, and Checkers, and online at Takealot.

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