It’s World Emoji Day, so that’s a thing now

And has been a thing since 2014, apparently, but it’s important this year because iOS and Android are introducing a selection of new emoji (EMOJIS? EMOJII? EMOJI⚡?) including an otter. AN OTTER, YOU GUYS.


To commemorate this very important occasion, here are 10 fun facts about emoji.

  1. The word “emoji” comes from Japanese e (, “picture”) + moji (文字, “character”), and its similarity to English “emoticon” is totally coincidental.
  2. Besides, emoji and emoticons aren’t even the same thing. By definition, emoticons use typographic characters, and emoji use ideographic images.
  3. The Unicode Standard base includes over 3000 unique emoji.
  4. In 2015, the Oxford Dictionary named 😂 or “FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY” emoji its Word of the Year, even though that’s five words.
  5. Nobody uses the 🍆 emoji to actually mean “eggplant”. It means “aubergine” or “brinjal”, because who even calls it an “eggplant”?
  6. If anybody posts the 🍕emoji in our NAG Whatsapp office group, Michael is instantly compelled to order a pizza.
  7. The Windows 10 Touch Keyboard feature has a 🐱‍🐉emoji. It’s a cat on a dinosaur, and it’s amazing.
  8. The Windows 10 Touch Keyboard supports emojis, and I only discovered this today, and this is also amazing.
  9. 💩
  10. Much like everything else, emoji can be ambiguous. For example, 🙂 can (and should) sometimes be interpreted as “fuck you”.
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Looks like August means Serious business