Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

Joy-Con drift is a thing even if Nintendo doesn’t want to talk about it

General wear and tear aside, gaming consoles should be expected to withstand normal use for a couple of years before controllers start going a little wonky, if they ever go wonky at all, but it seems the Nintendo Switch has a Joy-Con problem that it refuses to acknowledge.

I experienced “Joy-Con drift” while having a go at Breath of the Wild; the left joystick just started doing its own thing when I wasn’t touching it. It was odd, but it wasn’t my Switch so I forgot about the ghost in the machine and moved on with my life. As the unofficial name suggests, “Joy-Con drift” is when a joystick starts to move when it shouldn’t and it’s happening to a lot of people, sometimes only after four months of use.

While you could try fixing the Joy-Con yourself, or sending it back to Nintendo for replacement, what seems to be making this extra obnoxious for people is Nintendo’s lack of official response to what appears to be a widespread mechanical fault.

Things break, it happens. We’ve been through two Xbox One controllers in about four years, but that’s because one of us seems to have a personal vendetta against thumb sticks. Also, do I need to mention the legendary Red Ring of Death? At least Microsoft admitted they messed up on that one, replacing even limited edition 360s for free, even if you had to pay the shipping.

It only cost them like $1 billion.

Via SlashGear.

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