George R. R. Martin not feeling the pressure to finish A Song of Ice and Fire

What with Game of Thrones being over and all, George R. R. Martin is feeling less pressured to complete the book series on which it was based. WHO SAW THAT COMING?

Back in May, Martin suggested that he would submit to sulphurous torture if Winds of Winter wasn’t complete by July 2020. After a recent interview with EW, it seems that we just might get to lock the man away on a tiny volcanic island after all.

It will be done when it’s done.


If anyone was worried that the books they’ll never get to read might be changed, after fan reactions to the final season of the TV series, fear not, because, even though he was tempted, Martin will not be wavering from his planned plot lines. I will believe this book exists when I have it in my paws after borrowing it from a friend, because have you seen what books cost?

Whatever you felt about it, the final season of Game of Thrones has accumulated a record-breaking 32 Emmy nominations. Amongst them is self-nominated Ser Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth) for Best Supporting Actress. A number of cast members had to nominate themselves because HBO didn’t.

Via GameSpot.

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