Anthem wasn’t awkwardly teasing Cataclysm content, they just made a mistake

Cataclysm is an upcoming season-long event for BioWare’s beleaguered Anthem that is currently only available to play on the PC Public Test Server. I mean, it was, until bits of it leaked into the actual game before being patched out again. Nothing to see here.

BioWare made Cataclysm available on the Public Test Server on 4 June and haven’t made any announcements about when it will be unleashed on the rest of us. So, people were surprised to find mysterious Cataclysm content scattered around the world in their regular PC and console games. These included Cataclysm-related challenges, awkward “space stations”, and black sky “tentacles”.

Rather than being some sort of tease for the upcoming event, it seems it was all just a mistake. Which is pretty much on-brand for the game at this point. Andrew Johnson, BioWare’s Global Community Lead for Anthem, confirmed that the content wasn’t meant to be there yet and that it had been patched out.

Oh well.

When Cataclysm does come out, it’s meant to bring with it new enemies, some mysterious mysteries, and more opportunities to increase your power.

Are you still playing Anthem? If you’re not, will Cataclysm entice you back? Will anything BioWare does make you happy? Why are you like this?

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