Iorek His Dark Materials TV Series

His Dark Materials extended trailer bears all

A proper trailer for the HBO His Dark Materials TV series premiered at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and it already looks superior to the 2007 film in so many ways. I know that’s not saying much, but, c’mon, look at that bear!

I may be biased because I have a special affection for ferrets, but there’s also James McAvoy, heresy, sexy airships, and a proper look at Iorek the armoured bear; something for everyone.

The daemons look lovely and make me feel like Ghost really could have been in more episodes of Game of Thrones if HBO really wanted him to be. No, I’m never letting it go.

There’s no set release date for the His Dark Materials series yet, but it should be out around September October; otherwise known as Fall, to the US.


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