Cyberpunk 2077 Yaiba Kusanagi

Sorry Keanu, but this motorbike is the real star of Cyberpunk 2077

Over the weekend, CD Projekt Red posted a new screenshot featuring what must be the game’s sexiest must-have NPC – the Yaiba Kusanagi motorbike.

According to my English-Weeb dictionary, “yaiba” means “blade”, and “kusanagi” is a kind of sword, so obligatory “cutting edge tech” joke here. In Cyberpunk 2077, players will be able to purchase multiple vehicles, designer Pawel Sasko explains in this recent studio video.

“Now all of those are actually equipped with a cool radio, and as a player you’re able to drive around Night City, all those six beautiful-looking districts, and listen to different types of music. So in Cyberpunk you can play the way you want, you can look the way you want, and you can listen to the music that you’d like to listen to.”

And I think the Yaiba Kusanagi’s resemblance to Kaneda’s iconic motorbike in Akira is probably not exactly a coincidence.

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