Mega Man X DiVE

Capcom announces new Mega Man X Dive for mobile

The translated description (after some minor grammatical glitch fixes) for the game’s trailer on Youtube is as follows: “Deep Log, the digital world where ‘MEGAMEN X Series Game’ was stored. Also the memory of ‘You’ as a player…Deep Log’ appears abnormal for unknown reasons. All stages, Mavericks, all the characters from ‘MEGAMEN X Series’ are all mixed up because of game errors. Come! Players, get into the Deep Log, beat the Mavericks and get the game data repaired.”

In other words, Mega Man X DiVE aims to create a seemingly all-star lineup of characters for the player to choose from and encounter, while also trying to appeal to that sweet Mega Man nostalgia. So, will long-time enthusiasts be sold on this? Most likely, but not without causing some minor uproar and feeling a bit of scepticism due to the game’s mobile nature. No exact release date yet, but the game will launch sometime this year.

Via Comic Book.

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