Minecraft Reddit Plugin Sign

Browsing Reddit too easy? Why not try it in Minecraft?

Who hasn’t wasted multiple precious hours of their existence reading just one more subreddit post? Would you like to waste even more? Excellent, this Minecraft plug-in has got you covered.

Redditor DeltaTwoForce was not content with simply scrolling through the never-ending reams of Reddit content, no, they really wanted the full browsing experience. At least that’s what it looks like with this plug-in that turns Reddit into a dungeon you can physically wander through in Minecraft.

Minecraft Reddit Plugin

The plug-in uses your account details to access Reddit and employs a sign on which you specify the subreddit you would like to browse. Each floor of the dungeon is dedicated to a thread from the subreddit. You will see the thread title, the number of interactions it has, and a pixelacious version of the thread’s image. Below the title is a chest that contains a collection of books that represent each response. You open each book to read the response. Enjoy.

Just don’t try it on survival servers, because it will wipe your inventory.

Via PC Gamer.

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