Nerf X Fortnite SP-L blaster review

Since 1969, Nerf has been an industry leader in non-lethal personal security solutions. The company’s catalogue features a diverse selection of tactical foam-based munitions, to equip and empower ordinary civilians in almost every possible domestic, office, or other combat scenario from remote control skirmishes to toner cartridge hostage rescues.

With the recent launch of its new Nerf X Fortnite range, we requisitioned an SP-L blaster for evaluation. This is a versatile model, intended for close- to mid-range engagements where discretion is important, or not.


Featuring a non-military-grade acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic casing, plastic grip, plastic optics, plastic barrel extension, and plastic trigger, the SP-L is a durable, lightweight blaster for the covert ops agent on the go, and this, plus its deceptively “cartoonish” design and garish colour scheme should present minimal to zero bureaucratic problems with airport scanners or (most) moms. Maybe not Karen.

The barrel can be attached or detached as required by mission parameters, although measuring in at 28 centimeters (excluding the barrel) or 45 centimeters (including the barrel), its not-so compact form factor is somewhat less easily concealed than, for example, the Nerf X Fortnite Microshot.

To eliminate ambient interference and improve target acquisition, the SP-L’s optics do not include actual optics.


The SP-L fires Nerf Elite flexible polyurethane foam darts and other compatible projectiles, with a three-dart magazine and semi-auto fire mode, and is reloaded with a slide mechanism. Darts are technically safe with no meaningful impact on body integrity, but your stupid cousin Kevin could probably choke on one and it wouldn’t even be the first time. Omg, Kevin.


The barrel attachment is for (rad) aesthetic purposes, but agents can and should choose to make an appropriately muted “PEW” noise to compensate for this.

Caution is recommended when firing this blaster not even at, but in the general proximity of my dog Izzy, because she’s totally terrified of it. She’s also totally terrified of shopping bags and people folding blankets, though, so this could be a unique contingency.


Maximum range

  • 15-18 metres (with the barrel)
  • 20 metres (without the barrel)

Maximum damage

  • 0.001

Choking damage

  • Kevin


  • Kind of

Rate of fire

  • Approximately 2 DPS (darts per second)

Bullet penetration

  • Negligible

Muzzle velocity

  • I dunno what this even means
Nerf X Fortnite SP-L
Somebody else is definitely unpacking the dishwasher tonight, or else.
Build quality
That slide mechanism is legit, yo
Doggo therapy
Phasmophobia Lobby
No lobby is safe in Phasmophobia thanks to ghostly hackers